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VisaBoard is a introduce B2B digital portal, providing innovative solutions customize for visa consultants. Leveraging advanced ML technology and a comprehensive suite of services, VisaBoard aims to streamline and elevate the visa consulting experience, ensuring efficiency and excellence.








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Our Mission

At VisaBoard, we strive to revolutionize visa consultancy through cutting-edge technology and global collaboration, empowering consultants with streamlined processes and enhanced experiences.

Our Vision

VisaBoard envisions a dynamic platform setting new industry standards, fostering positive change, and being the preferred choice for an efficient and collaborative visa consultancy experience.

Welcome to VisaBoard Venture, where visionary leadership meets two decades of entrepreneurial excellence. Founded by Hiren Thakkar, a seasoned industry veteran with 20 years of invaluable experience, and Co-Founder Pranav Desai, a magnetic businessman and originator of D.S. Investment LLP and G & D Property LLP in the USA.

Our venture is not only driven by expertise but also boasts the backing of renowned film director Mr. Anees Bazmee, adding a touch of cinematic brilliance to our journey. At the helm, Vice President Nirmal Gopalani steers the ship with strategic prowess, while Operation Head Snehal Jadvani ensures seamless execution and operational excellence.

Visa Consultancy is witnessing a groundbreaking disruption, and VisaBoard Venture stands at the forefront of this industry evolution. Leveraging innovative technologies and a forward-thinking approach, we are reshaping the traditional landscape of visa consulting.


Visa Assistance [B2B]

Refers to the provision of visa-related support and services tailored specifically for business-to-business interactions, facilitating seamless visa processes for Visa consulting firms.

Rapid SOP [ Alster Technology]

Alster Ensures that your Statement of Purpose is just a few clicks away, making the process swift and efficient.


Involves engaging agents on the VisaBoard platform, fostering collaboration and interaction within a dedicated professional network.


On VisaBoard's platform allow universities or agents to run ads, promoting services such as Abroad Education, Express Entry, and Draw to a targeted audience.

Travel Insurance

Customize your coverage with a dedicated Relationship Manager and settlement support for a worry-free journey.

Health Cover

Overview of health coverage options specifically tailored for visa consultants and their clients. Highlighting the importance of well-being during the visa application journey.

Visa Ticket

Aids agents and their clients, including employees and students, in obtaining clearance to live and work in different countries.

Forex Services

Facilitates currency exchange for agents and their clients, ensuring seamless transactions in foreign countries.


Refers to an all-encompassing approach that addresses various aspects of the visa process, providing a thorough and effective solution for visa-related needs.

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Embark on an Unforgettable Visa Assistance Journey with our Continuous Service, ensuring a Stress-Free and Memorable Experience from Start to Finish.




Your Statement of Purpose is a matter of a few clicks.

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