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Cancellation Policies

Certain provisions of refund are comprehensive and refund rules remain effective with immediate effect and shall be abiding to all until amended in a future date.

The Objective of the Refund policy is as under:

i) To plug scope of any misuse.

ii) To facilitate clients/applicant/agent/agencies.

iii) Discourage any fraudulent transaction activities.

iv) Clients/applicants/agents/agency/agencies seeking Refund from VisaBoard for availing services are subject as follows…

In case of cancellation of an application “within specific time-frame” stated after the application for which the agreed amount has/had already been ‘Fully/Partly Paid” and successfully uploaded by the client/applicant/agent/agencies will attract staged cancellation charge against operations & administrative costs.

a) Client/Agent/Agency shall be entitled for “Full Refund” provided the case has been cancelled within 15 hours after uploading the request from the same account that it was uploaded.

b) It is mandatory for the client/applicant/agent/agency to produce a valid transactional detail to claim any refund.

c) NO REFUND shall be given if the payment made by the client/applicant/agency has been declined or initiating cancellation after the time frame as stated on a).

d) Bank cheque is subject to realization; if the cheque is not honoured from/to either side-it attracts penalty and subsequent legal action.

e) In case of any discrepancy; falling under human error grounds-it is mandatory for the client/applicant/agent/agency to submit a "Written Explanation through their respective account" while the client/agent/agency shall have a room requesting a switch over to inter alia service from VisaBoardand necessary action shall be taken so as to settle the disputed concern-the final outcome shall be decided by VisaBoard and shall be abiding to all.

v) 100% Money back guarantee clause:

If the client/applicant/agent/agency is not 100% satisfied with the service that was requested, the claimant stands liable to claim FULL REFUND (after deduction of the minimum charge of 5%; however before the refund process takes place, a notified discussion will take place between the claimant & the VisaBoard to bring a plausible solution for the service requested. Even after a satisfactory healthy discussion on either ends has not been materialized, the refund procedure will commence only after the claimant submits a “resonated & detailed credible explanation notification” via electronic mail within 24 (twenty four) hours and with an assuring condition that the requested service content sent by VisaBoard shall not be used anywhere in any form for any purpose thereafter; if found or detected, it will be considered as a violation of breach of trust and will warrant legal consequences.


If you want to withdraw existing wallet balance to your account, kindly send an email on accounts@visaboard.in.

The same amount will be credited to your account within 7 working days.

You will have to notify your agent id while requesting for the refund.



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