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University SOP

What is University SOP ?

The University Statement of Purpose is usually a set of questions asking the applicant to respond appropriately to Specific Questions only, this is practiced by several education providers and the interest is limited to the applicant’s admission purpose only. Remember, some education providers may only ask a few formal questions; whereas some may require more detailed ones, the questions asked to the applicant are based on his/her current academic &/or professional profile and they range from a person to an individual.

NOTE: Never compare an orange with an apple just because they are more or less the same size and weight. They both have different qualities.

Troubles of Short Skills

While the applicant is already nervous during the time of ongoing application of the fear of whether to be accepted or refused, the levels of nervousness significantly go high when additional questions are asked. At this given time, the applicant often “Fumbles” and tends to respond in a few vague words & sometimes in Yes & No based on the “random” thoughts that push in and rush out, adding fuel to the fire on his existing situation. This raises an alarming bell and the results are not productive.

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